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Vermont Fall Foliage

Come little leaves, said the wind one day,
Come to the meadows with me and play;
Put on your dresses of red and gold,
for summer is past,
and the days grow cold.

Its not that we haven’t seen fall colors previously. We have been to New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate NY but every year at the onset of Autum there is an urge to go out on a long drive and watch the pretty colors of leaves changing.

It was a random plan when we decided to drive to Vermont to see the fall foliage (which was in its peak until that weekend). Fall hiking was 1 other thing that we have always wanted to do and what better than doing it here when leaf peeping is in its full glory!

Vermont Fall Foliage
Driving in Vermont

We drove upto Mendon, VT and stayed the night in “Vermont Inn” a beautiful B&B having nice vistas of the mountains and even nicer breakfast. Feeling satiated after having nice omelttes, pancakes with delicious Vermont maple syrup we set off to Addison for the hike.

Snake Mountain, Addison, Vermont

A moderate 4 mile hike – Snake mountain was the best choice as this forest of birch, red oak, maple, beech, ash and understory trees offers glorious fall colors. We walked through the carpet of dried fallen leaves of golden yellow, red and orange..

Vermont fall foliage
Hiking our way to the summit
Vermont fall foliage
Vermont fall foliage

From the Summit you get a good view of Champlain valley and Adirondack mountains. We completed this hike in 2 hours including a short 10 min break at the summit.

Vermont fall foliage
View of Champlain valley from the summit

Idea was to stay on Rt 7N which had beautiful colors – Addison being on this same route.

After the hike we drove on Rte 116 and took local roads stopping and admiring the beauty and Mandar taking some beautiful shots!

Vermont fall foliage
Beautiful colors of fall

We eventually drove upto the beautiful town of Burlington, largest city of Vermont. Demography here changes significantly when compared to the other part of Vermont we came from. University of Vermont is in Burlington which explains the large student population.


There are loads of breweries in this town but for us Cider tasting looked more appealing. We went to Citizen Cider and order a flight of Cider tasting, Cheese board and Veggie burger (twas OK).
It was a common sight to see a dirt road leading to family owned orchards n farms
with halloween round the corner there were pumpkins all around – in the farms, at people’s doorsteps as lanterns and of course pumpkin farms..
It certainly got colder as the sun went down. It only made more sense to stop at the local orchards to sip on hot apple cider with glazed donuts 🙂 All the farms and orchards had tons of apple and pumpkins lined up in their farms .

Vermont fall foliage
Enjoying hot cider

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